Hi traveller. You’ve Found Me.

Hey. Wonder what brought you here.

Your mum, I guess. Give her a call if you can. She’s done more for you than you realise. 

It’s cool how we are many things. You’re whoever you think you are, but you’re also someone’s child; someone’s random person that they see around the city; someone’s memory of you; someone’s first butt dial, first dead leg, first friend, first humiliation. We are lots of people and I’m no exception.

I live in Melbourne where I run the production company, HOOVES. It’s there I get to do the work I love most, which is writing and directing. I mostly make comedy based commercials, but I’ve also had some wins with screenplays, most notably selling a TV show to Time Warner in the US.  

I co-founded Golden Handshake, a shared office in Melbourne CBD. The way we run it is the opposite of the McCoworking model that has swept the world.  

I spend a lot of my spare time in my shed rebuilding a 1974 Haines Hunter 19ft half cabin boat and daydreaming about setting up a seaweed farm. I’m mildly obsessive about my early morning swimming stroke and I think I’m a better cricketer than my averages reveal.

But most of all I’m a dad to two miraculous assemblies of stardust that I’m lucky enough to cradle for as long as I can hold on. 

Who are the various yous? Drop me an email and tell me about them. Contacts below.



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