Hi traveller. You’ve Found Me.

Hey. Wonder what brought you here.

Your mum, ultimately. Give her a call if you can. She’s done more for you than you realise. 

It’s cool how we are many things. You’re whoever you think you are, but you’re also someone’s child; someone’s random person that they see around the city; someone’s memory of you; someone’s first butt dial, first dead leg, first friend, first humiliation. We are lots of people and I’m no exception.

I live in Melbourne where I run the production company, HOOVES. It’s there I get to do the work I love most, which is writing and directing. I typically make comedy based commercials, but I’ve also had some wins with screenplays, most notably selling a TV show to Time Warner in the US last year. That was pretty cool. 

I’ve spent a long time using the craft of storytelling to help brands reach business objectives by better understanding and expressing themselves through images and narrative. That was a boring sentence to read, wasn’t it? Anyway, starting as a freelance creative working in agencies around Melbourne I’ve developed a career that now sees me plug directly into companies as well agencies as a consulting creative director on projects that will live as TVCs or content that I direct through HOOVES.

In 2019 I’m putting that branding and storytelling experience into a new personal business venture that aims to be a leader among companies whose core business model is geared toward thriving in carbon absorbing economies as opposed to the soon-to-be-legacy carbon emitting economies. That’s vague, I know, but early ideas are a tiny flame that you’re entrusted to protect and grow. Screaming out too early can often snuff them out. If it works you’ll hear about it. If it doesn’t I’ll be back to delete this paragraph.  

In 2011 I co-founded Golden Handshake, a shared office in Melbourne CBD. The way we run it is the opposite of the McCoworking model that has swept the world. Tell your friends. ps. WeWork sucks.   

I spend a lot of my spare time in my shed rebuilding a classic 1974 Haines Hunter 19ft half cabin boat while trying to wrap my head around blockchain and cryptocurrency podcasts. I’m mildly obsessive about my early morning swimming stroke and I think I’m a better cricketer than my averages reveal. I’m circling back to thinking a lot about carbon negative businesses after ending my post grad study years ago with a thunderously ambitious thesis entitled “Dromoecology – Ecological Meaning in the Age of Hypercapitalism“.  

But most of all I’m a dad to two miraculous assemblies of stardust that I’m lucky enough to cradle for as long as I can hold on. 

Who are the various yous? Drop me an email and tell me about them. 



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