I make content for the web and TV. I say “I” but I really mean “we”. All the work here is a result of the team of creative weirdos workhorses I’ve gathered around me.  

I write much of what I make, but I also love collaborating with agency creatives – especially the comic genius ones. I get that creatives are squeezed for time and I know for sure that they only want to see their ideas given the time and attention they need to flourish. So part of what I do is provide that time and attention by getting involved in projects at an early stage (I’m sitting in on more and more agency concepting sessions). This approach produces heaps of efficiencies. For a start, if I’m involved in nurturing wee baby ideas from the beginning, then that means I’m spending all that extra time thinking about how to execute those ideas rather than seeing scripts right before rushing into production.

But regardless of whether I’m coming up with ideas, building on yours or bringing my visual expertise to your amazing script, I always strive to collaborate with the people I’m working with because I reckon that’s what gets the best result.


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